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“…his self proclaimed hip-hop band is trending on the local scene, and they absolutely killed their set to the packed house at their EP release party for their newest EP entitled ‘Senseless’.” -AXS


“The elements of hip-hop, blues, and soul are set with a foundation of Lupe Fiasco, Sly and the Family Stone, and Stevie Ray Vaughn.” -Dallas Observer


“He seems fearless, and that goes a long way…” -D Magazine


“…not just something to bob your head to, but to open your mind with.” -ArtLoveMagic


“The line works as deft acknowledgement of his Lone Star roots, and also comments on the proliferation of firearms at home. That socially conscious streak is evident throughout the five tracks on Senseless.”


“Throughout the EP, Griffith uses poetic lyrics to discuss an underlying theme of ‘struggle’ and overcoming these struggles in the modern world through positivity.” -The Music Enthusiast


“Never afraid to uncover the ghosts that lie in his subconscious, Justin’s music has the ability to do what most hip hop artists can’t; TRANSCEND.” -The Naked Truth Magazine


“…has filled a void as his style is like no other, while the tracks here are from true life experiences, so each song plays out like a story.”


“The batch of so-called high brow rap earns its release tonight…” -Central Track


“As a growing artist group, they really killed their set list. Perfect timing, pitch, and powerful vocals.” -AXS


“Typically, Grades of Absolute Truth is something I would more gloss over, not being a real fan of hip-hop, but there’s just something about the manner in which they do it that makes it riveting. The music beds are much more organic, not lacking the hook, though being fleshed out well, and the fact that GOAT keeps it all relevant by addressing important societal issues makes it more engrossing.” -The Music Enthusiast


“With Indie Rock & Gospel influence, listening to this album feels like an uplifting church experience. Talking about real life struggles & overcoming obstacles as well as bringing you fun, positive vibes.” -ThisIsBedRock


“GOAT offers something to chew upon if you are a philosophical or existential student.”


“GOAT (Grades Of Absolute Truth) encapsulates the definition of diversity in music. One can describe his sound as southern, hovering somewhere in middle of a clash of rock, blues, and hip hop.” -Poor Vida


“‘Hands Around My Throat’ is intense, powerful, strong, dense, and deep. Initiation poetry for the revelations of 21st century secrets. The duality between mainstream sonorities and something almost dark is exciting.” -Inanna Naked


“GOAT’s tracks carried some inspirational messages with them as well; and he was quite the performer, giving himself fully to what he was doing, which made it all the more compelling for those watching.” -The Music Enthusiast


“Dallas rapper Grades Of Absolute Truth fits in with a lot of indie backpack hip hop.” -D Magazine


“This elementary music teacher hails from Dallas, Texas, and represents The Intelligent South, bringing soulful indie music laced with melodic and poetic lyricism.” -Industry All Access


“…he has had the opportunity to cultivate his art into the hip hop sound that G.O.A.T. currently explodes with.” -AXS


“The way he commanded their attention, however, says something about his ability to perform as well as the quality of music.”


“Grades Of Absolute Truth incorporates genres of past and present in order to give you a unique contemporary take on soul.” -Dallas Observer


“…a legitimate force to be reckoned with in the alternative Hip-Hop/Rap genre.”


“…he was seen darting about the stage that felt too small for the level of energy they exuded.” -The Music Enthusiast


“Each of his songs takes on its own distinct flavor, pulling from varied musical and lyrical sources.” -Pegasus News


“When writing, GOAT is a focused musician carefully crafting each phrase to perfection. On stage, he immediately attracts his audience with an inviting, endless energy.” -Schmidty Says


“If you enjoy soulful Hip Hop then you’re going to love G O A T, Grades Of Absolute Truth’s new EP…” -ThisIsBedRock


“Wall to wall with people, their groovy tunes attracted people like flies to honey.” -AXS


“…highlighted by GOAT (Grades Of Absolute Truth), whose fine flow and conscious, spoken-word type content will fly in the face of anyone who thinks rap is bad, mmm’kay?” -Dallas Observer


“The EP is a highly conceptual project and an introspective look into the self and the culture we live in.” -The Music Enthusiast


“…incorporating a number of different styles, from alternative rock to underground hip hop.” -D Magazine


“For Justin Griffith a.k.a. Grades Of Absolute Truth, the message is as important as the music.” -SphereMusic


“His style is a blend of rock, blues and hip-hop; a blend of music that has never really been properly explored before. That was before the emergence of Grades Of Absolute Truth.”


*Two Songs Nominated for BEST RAP in the JPF Music Awards (2017): “HearSay” & “Lead”


*Nominated for BEST LOCAL MUSIC RELEASE by Dallas Observer (2015): the senseless ep


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